Our Mission

Sea Colors Expeditions is a high quality operation dedicated to marine life study and conservation. With spirit of mission, we perform expeditions for observations and scientific research in the Azores, a mid-Atlantic wildlife legacy to be shared and protected.


Whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, mantas, fish and birds, a vast number of species, all in a set of blue shades, the unique azorean sea colors.



Sea Colors works with general public, scientists, students, volunteers and politicians for the protection and conservation of the marine environment, increasing awareness of the oceanic species, studying their social behavior, ecology, health, foraging patterns, monitoring populations and their distribution and helping to implement conservation programs.


Sea Colors is an alternative for the active, curious and Ocean conservation interested. We aim to make our encounters with the ocean inspiring and fulfilling by including a combination of different elements in our expeditions that are conducted in a responsible and caring manner, benefiting the species, the environment and the people involved.


It is our mission to study the marine environment and wildlife, and to increase public environmental awareness, in order to protect and conserve ecosystems and species.



Marine Conservation Research

Being attentive to signals displayed by the animals is essential since observing and studying them allows us to get a better understanding of their behavior and threats. In consequence we can therefore take action to protect and conserve them. By participating in the expeditions you are not just taking part in our work but also funding the research work.


The ocean is inhabited by mysterious and beautiful creatures and in order to match this, the venture is highly informative. On the expeditions we make efforts to remove encountered marine litter and we also organize coastal and ocean clean ups and educational environment protection actions. We also hold additional lectures to inform more about the topics that compose our work and the species inhabiting our waters.


Working Group

Our working team is composed of a group of experienced professionals in ocean exploration and research. We work for a collective result, focused on research and discussion dedicated to marine life protection and conservation. Our core team is mainly formed of marine biologists researchers who also coordinate volunteers, students and internships in partnership with universities from different countries.




Sea Colors Expeditions is an enterprise led by Jasmine Zereba and Paulo de Melo, a couple with long sea experience of observing, studying and free diving with cetaceans. Jasmine is a Swedish MSc marine biologist and Paulo, the captain, was born in the Azores and since very young attached to the sea by sailing and surfing. They are both active nature conservationists involved in several ocean conservation programs. Working in the field for many years has given them the insight that a lot of people are just looking to join their expeditions and support their work, being active, curious and seeking genuine experiences while exploring the ocean and studying marine life.


Captain Paulo and marine biologist Jasmine with their familly

Paulo and Jasmine live with their two children on board their sailing vessel in São Miguel Island, from where they also operate a 12 person sea rib for marine life expeditions. They are very welcoming and believe that small scale is the right approach to be in contact with wildlife and to give the best personal attention to their guests at the sea. Their philosophy encompasses an open and adaptive approach, optimizing the enjoyment of the journey for everyone involved.




Safety is a primary concern, and the vessels are fully equipped regarding safety equipment as the crew strive for the most comfortable experience. Our team has long sea experience and is trained in Primary & Secondary Care, First Aid / CPR / AED and Rescue Diving. Instructions on safety measures are given before each expedition and a fully stocked first aid kit is available on board.


Sea Colors reserves the right to cancel any expedition because of weather, unsafe conditions or any other circumstances that could endanger the safety of our guests and crew.