Azores Archipelago

Nine beautiful islands, but more so, a truly amazing sea.


In the middle of the Atlantic, nine seamounts rise out from the Azores Plateau, an oceanic platform that lies less than 2,000m below sea level, and form solid ground, the Azores islands. An oasis created by volcanic activity and an hotspot for a vast number of marine species.


Out here, in this archipelago discovered in the 15th century by the Portuguese, the place is calm. The majority of the inhabitants live a simple life in a traditional countryside environment. Many of them refer to their islands as the paradise, and true, the nature is absolutely fantastic. Huge strato volcanoes are embedded in vivid vegetation formed by a mix of native, endemic and imported species. Green hills and black cliffs stretch out towards the surrounding blue ocean. A color skim also enriched and varied according to the season depending on different blooming periods. The air is moist and holds a comfortable temperature throughout most of the year.


The Azores is a splendid and peaceful isolation, a prefect destination for anyone who wants to rest actively, and get recharged by nature.