Paulo de Melo Captain, Founder, Co-Director and Chief Operation


For many years Paulo has been committed to protect the ocean and marine wildlife. He is a conservationist, explorer and ocean advocate with a background in engineering and environment, and photography. Besides being captain and director of Sea Colors Expeditions, he is Chairman of the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe in the Azores, where he also has been coordinating several campaigns to protect the oceans, waves and natural heritage.


Paulo had the luck to be born in the Azores where he early got connected to the sea by sailing and surfing. He studied and worked in Lisbon and afterward, by living abroad for a period in his life, he realized that the Azores were the seascape where he would live in. Back to the islands he founded Sea Colors Expeditions in order to study, protect and share the oceanic marine environment. He is trained and experienced in sailing since young age and you can find him on the command of the sailing vessels, “Embrace”, “Tanai” and the RIB “Sea Colors”.


Working in the field in addition to being Sailing and surfing various seascapes has given him the realm of our delicate ocean and the need to raise awareness and protect it against an increasing number of threats.


His natural sensibility and patience, while searching the ocean, or approaching wildlife, together with his experience, gives him the know-how to steer the expeditions in a mature, calm and responsible manner, concerning sea conditions, wildlife and all people involved. He’s always seeking to give people the best experience at the sea, making sure everyone is informed and safe.




Jasmine Zereba – Marine Biology Head Researcher, Partner and Co-Director


Swedish and also with English nationality, Jasmine holds an MSc in Marine Biology and have decided to do her scientific research work in the Azores, a mid-Atlantic hot spot for cetaceans. She started her research on cetaceans in the central group of the islands and later in S. Miguel island.


Jasmine became partner and co-director in Sea Colors Expeditions, where she leads different research projects with special focus on the Sperm whales, with more than 20 year of experience studying this species.


To become a marine biology researcher was a choice out of passion, she found the blue world absolutely intriguing and she is far too curious to let things stop there. To be able to share this passion with other like minded people and work towards the conservation of the beautiful marine environment simply make so much sense to her.


Jasmine is in charge of research and education in Sea Colors. She leads the research projects and onboard keeps the group informed about encountered wildlife and ongoing work. She is attentive, caring and a skilled free diver that leads you when conducting in-water encounters for observation and data collection.




Clara Sardà – Marine Biology Researcher


After Clara’s studies in Barcelona, where she was born, she continued studying one year in Canary archipelago, at Tenerife island. Following this period she worked in the Azores, for MONICET, a platform for conservation of cetaceans in the University of the Azores, where Sea Colors Expeditions is partner. Since then she has been living in the Azores.


When finishing her collaboration with MONICET, Clara didn’t hesitate when she was invited to join full time Sea Colors Expeditions. She braced the cause and she is glad and fulfilled contributing to investigate and protect the ocean and wildlife.


Clara’s passion for the sea started when she was a little girl and after that she moved on to water sports such as windsurfing and SUP.


Clara joined Sea Colors as a marine biologist working on the sea research, collecting data, doing photo identification and education. She is calm and considerate, providing joyful journeys at the sea, passing on her knowledge to people and discovering every day a little more about marine wildlife.


As a biologist, you can also find her performing our lectures and briefings, in preparation for our expeditions.





Beatriu Tort – Marine Biology Researcher


Beatriu is from Barcelona and holds a master in Statistics and Operational Research and another master in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management and is performing the first year of her PhD regarding the study of Fin whales. She is working as a researcher in Sea Colors and on the Fin Whale Project from EDMAKTUB, obtaining data for photo ID, behaviour, morphometrics, boat reaction and body health assessments. She has also been in charge of the data analysis focused on oceanography conditions, modelling and ship strikes.


Beti is hard worker strongly committed to the study, protection and conservation of marine wildlife. As a biologist, you can also find her performing our lectures and briefings, in preparation for our expeditions.