Cetaceans in the Azores

There exist almost 90 species of cetaceans in the world and more than 20 of them have been recorded in the waters around the Azores. Some of them live here permanently while others come around for a longer or shorter period during different times of the year. The top three encountered species are Short beaked common dolphin, Common bottlenose dolphin and Sperm whales, which can be encountered during the whole year but are more abundant during the warmer part. Baleen whales are migrating past these waters and are usually most abundant in the spring and early summer. Other species like the Atlantic spotted dolphin come and stay around only during the warm water summer autumn part or in the case of Pilot whales turn up more occasionally and then often during the summer months. Observing cetaceans in the Azores is a mix of the expected and the unexpected, making it both reliable and exciting